Saturday, December 22, 2007

I'm A Blogger Now.

Wow. This is it, I guess. First post on my first blog. Well, here goes nothing . . .

My name's Barrett Burgin and I'm 14 years old (my birthday was December 15th, 1993). I have two sisters (Caris and Audrey) and a brother (Todd). I have two pets, a golden retriever named Sandy and my amazing, adorable, spectacular cat - Gandalf. I enjoy drawing and I love music. I like to play soccer (team captain!) and I play the piano and compose music with it. When I get older, I plan on becoming an author/film-maker and I hope I can accomplish that dream. I'm pretty tall and I have lengthy (my dad says, anyways) blondish brown hair and light blue eyes flecked with gold. Here's more information on my family members:

Caris was born on August 21st, 1999. She is eight years old and she enjoys playing with her pet rat (Annie) and her fish (Patricia). Caris is very good at gymnastics and likes animals. She had short, brown, wavy hair and hazel eyes. Her favorite color is blue, and she just lost a tooth, too. She looses teeth at an unbelievable rate, it almost feels like a monthly thing!

Audrey was born of February 6th, 2002, and is five years old. She can be very sweet, or extremely stubborn; she's the only sibling that will stand up to me. Audrey's very feminine, as she loves anything soft and silky and adores the colors pink and purple. In fact, she carries around a purple blanket with her everywhere that she's had for years, and it's hardly a blanket anymore. She has long and extremely curly golden hair and sky blue eyes.

Todd is my three year old brother and he was born on January 9th, 2004. He is a lot like I was at that age, but very different as well. Like me, he's very musical and he is pretty artistic. He likes to play pretend and sing the background music. Unlike me, he adores sports and whenever there is a football or baseball game on (or any action of any kind!), he sits down to watch. Todd has straight blond hair and sky blue eyes.

Well, that pretty much sums it up for my siblings and me!